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A Young Professional

Matt Saunders thrives on new challenges. Dissatisfied with traditional schooling, he pursues knowledge and inspiration through all available avenues. Driven by the desire to improve the world around him, Matt is constantly implementing new ideas and changing old ones to better suit today's needs. He sees colour where others only see black and white, and dreams to show the world one day how much better we can all be.

Love what you do, and you'll do it well

Digital Design

Being imaginative and taking new approaches is what this is all about. Taking a dream and vision and turning it into a tangible reality. Not being afraid to try something different. Creating. Making. Doing.


Problem solving at it's finest. Breaking down the big dream into smaller, achievable tasks -- and completely solving them. Code is the lifeblood of the world around us, and we seek to make it work for you.

Creative Direction

Coming up with that great idea; or shaping an already great idea into a better, more successful one. Whether it's a new or old idea - once you've got that vision in your mind it's time to make it a reality.

  • App Development

    Creating tools to solve the world's issues

    Identifying a challenge, and tackling it. I currently work primarily with Android but am flexible and capable of working with iOS an webapps.

    An idea is nothing without execution.

  • Game Development

    Sometimes fun is the best gift you can give.

    Making a fun game can be quite a challenge, but if you've got the passion they will love it. I currently work primarily with Unity, but I also have experience with CryEngine and Unreal - and I'm always expanding my skills.

    Have fun with what you do.

Work Hardbut Play hard too

  • Creative Apps

    Building apps to help fill voids.

    Creative Games

    Building games to make people happy.

    Creative Web

    Building the web to help people

  • Creative Music

    Making music for myself.

    Creative Art

    Making art for the world.

    Creative Ideas

    Making ideas for the new age.

I'm a person that adores what I do

  • Team Member

    Matt Saunders

    Known as the computer guy, the musician, that terrible artist, know it all. He's traveled, and stayed at home. He's learned at real schools, and self taught at fake schools. He's taught others, and learned from others. And he's still learning. Always.

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