Matt Saunders

I'm Matt,

a full stack developer in Toronto, Canada.

I design and build websites, backends and apps; and administer the systems that they run on.

I have a passion for creating, and I love to learn new skills and technologies.

I've used a wide variety of technologies and languages over the years. Most recently I've been using Node.js in combination with Firebase to support both web and mobile applications, utilizing the scalability of 'serverless' applications and managed NoSQL databases to allow new products to grow without limit.

Some languages I've worked in include Javascript/Typescript, Python, Bash, Swift, Java, C#.

Some technologies I've worked with include Node.js, Express, Apache, NoSQL, Elasticsearch, Docker.

Some platforms I've worked with include AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and various VPS hosting services.




Find Good Tweets
Find Good Tweets

Tweet saving, processing and searchable backend to save the best content from Twitter. Web front end, various app front ends.

Node.js + Firestore backend for the Spotlight app, a public leaderboard for the best content from Snapchat.
Ranger Links
Ranger Links

Python Reddit bot, Python and Node.js backend, and web front end to display multiple news articles and sources for news events.

No longer live
Sponge Audio
Sponge Audio

Python and Node.js backend using AWS Polly for TTS, with Project Gutenberg to create audiobooks and Ranger Links to create article podcasts for users.

No longer live
Electric & Chat apps
Electric/Chat apps

Backend, app and web frontends for various chatting apps - MustKnow, HitMeUp, Chatspace and more. Using Firestore and Node.js with ULSee for AR masks.

No longer live
Peachy Poll
Peachy Poll

Backend and web frontend using Firebase and Node.js, PeachyPoll is a service to create an easy poll for sharing on Snapchat and other social networks.

No longer live

Android Pokedex app. Features include pokedex/living dex tracker, breeding and battle tools, a temabuilder, database of all Pokemone including animated sprites (including shinies).
TTC Lines

Android transit mapping app for Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). Visualizes surface routes, stops and vehicles and provides estimated departure times for all surface route stops and stations.

Math LED Controller

C# Windows desktop application to control RGB LED light strips through communicating over serial with an Arduino microcontroller.

Artists' websites
Art Websites

Various websites to host and showcase visual artists' work, using both pure frontend and a mix of frontend/backend to allow the artist to update information like upcoming shows.


Story Star


Co-founder of Story Star Inc., an app development company out of Toronto. CTO, SysAdmin, Backend, Web and mobile development, I wear a lot of different hats in my role at Story Star. Recent projects mostly focused on backend/web frontend using a combination of Node.js, Python, and Firebase.

Freelance Web Development


Built websites and backends to suit client needs. Primarily focused on offering special services for websites for artists (start to finish solution - from taking photos of artworks to finished web presence for clients). Using Photoshop, HTML/CSS/JS, Node.js and Express, I build a plan for the client's website from start to finish, including design, development, photo and content processing, and deployment including domain configuration and hosting.

Freelance Graphic Design


Designed promotional materials for student groups and Montreal nightclub events, including handbills, posters, and online materials. Primarily used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Private GIS and computer systems tutor


Provided private tutoring services for a number of McGill university students in GIS programs such as ArcMap and MapInfo, as well as other computer systems and troubleshooting, to support students in their completion of the program.

Continuing Education


Using both offline resources, such as libraries and local courses, and online resources like Code Academy and Khan Academy; I am constantly pursing new learning opportunities to expand my skills and gain new knowledge and experience.

Bachelor of Arts at McGill University


Urban Planning and GIS. Diverse education, providing both theoretical and practical experience with geospatial data analysys and processing as well as programming and other subjects. Focused on integration of geospatial information and it's applications in mobile app based augmented reality.


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